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Authentic Crystal Pendant 

Crystal Pendant: Includes
- 925 sterling silver chain
- Lead free large cage
- Crystal of your choice (Amethyst, Rose Quartz, Clear Quartz, Citrine, Carnelian, Tiger's Eye, Sodalite)

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Tiger's Eye
Clear Quartz
Rose Quartz

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Our 2 in 1 Pendant / Pendulum have a removable clasp, giving you an option to wear crystal as a pendant or use it as a pendulum for your energy work. We carry a variety of crystal to choose from (Black Agate, Chevron Amethyst, Yellow Aventurine,  Moonstone, Bloodstone, Carnelian, Yellow Jasper) .

Approximate size 1.5-2 in /3.8-5cm 

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Yellow Jasper

Assists with Astral work; Provides Protection; Digestive Healer; 


Promotes friendship, power, courage; Protection against envy & fear


Orange Aventuring

Attracts luck, fortune; Induces Healing; Promotes Leadership ; Relieves Anxiety, Fear. 

Black Agate

Provides protection; Incresased focus and concentration; Brings out latent Talents.


Chevron Amethyst

Powerful healer, enhances psychic and spirituality. Anti-stress. Protection.  


Increases power, physical energy, sexual drive; Enchances relationship. 

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Personal Power Set

This Personal Power set includes 8 Crystals

Brings peace of mind and inner harmony, joy and happiness;
Helps to focus and achieve goals;
Guides you to follow your life purpose;
Connects to inner self, releases mental and spiritual blocks;
Assists in Spiritual growth, openness and acceptance; and more..

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Chakra Medicine Bag  

Our Chakra Medicine bag includes 10 crystals : 
- 7 crystals to balance Major Chakras, 
- 2 crystals to connect to Earth and 
- 1 universal crystal of love and self acceptance. 

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